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Boot Windows 8 from a USB device

Now that windows 8 is out and most of the new devices support booting from USB, it’s very quick & easy to create a bootable USB device to installa Windows 8.

Here is how to proceed:

1) Insert your USB device into a PC

2) Open a command prompt with elevated priviledges

3) Type the following commands


5) List disk –> note that all installed disk will be prompted, identify the disk ID corresponding to the US, let’s assume that USB is Disk 1

6) ...

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Enable NuGet package restore in Visual Studio and TFS 2012 RC to building Windows 8 Metro Apps

In the previous post (only in Italian for now, sorry) we created a new build machine with Windows 8 RP and TFS Build Agent 2012 RC to building new Windows 8 Metro Applications.

Having a build process for each solution is very useful, but we can have some errors like these:

  • C:\Builds\[…]\.nuget\nuget.targets(76,9): error : Package restore is disabled by default. To give consent, open the ...
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Team Foundation Build Service 2012 RC per lo sviluppo di apps Metro su Windows 8

In questo post verrà mostrato come creare una macchina di build collegata a Team Foundation Server 2012 Release Candidate per compilare le “Metro Application” per Windows 8.

Questa era la nostra situazione di partenza:

4ward TFS network (old)

Avevamo già a disposizione un Build Controller su Windows Server 2008 R2 con associato 1 Build Agent ...

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One Month To Rule Them All Challenge

One Month To Rule Them All Challenge

Let’s try this new adventure: One Month To Rule Them All Challenge.

The goal is to create from scratch a simple app based on:

  • Server:
  • 1 MVC4 RESTful WebApi on Azure
  • Clients:
    • 1 iOS native client
    • 1 Android native client
    • 1 WP7 native client
    • MVC 4 Web interface running on any desktop OS
    • Win8 Metro client

    All in 1 month! We don’t know if we’ll reach the goal but for sure we’ll try.

    First step will be creation of the WebApi and graphics for clients we don’t exclude involvement of external ...

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