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Running Redis 2.6 on a CentOS Linux in Azure

For a new project in 4ward we’re planning to use the great REST web services framework ServiceStack.

It has a great .NET Redis client that can be used to gain incredible performance in the overall architecture.

The only issue is that Redis is supported in production only on Linux. So I prepared a 2-parts blog posts in order to give a a step by step procedure to get everything up and running.

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Christmas adventure in the ocean of .NET Software Development

This Christmas I made me a gift. Free time to study new technologies! A very difficult task when you’ve to deal with day by day activities.

Here’s as reminder a brief recap of what I’ve learned:

  • ServiceStack: superb WebService stack available on .NET and Mono. I was trying to use WCF Data Service on iOS and having some issues (performance and iOS 5 not supported in Obj-C client), then I found ServiceStack, Wow! Super easy to use, fully customizable, you get ...
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