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How to Map OnPrem Active Directory users to existing Office365 Users


In some cases it could happen that customers create accounts on Office365 and activate only in a second phase the synchronization with Active Directory.

The problem of this approach is that in some cases the O365 users will not be associated with the corresponding AD Accounts and the user must manage the accounts twice (separate passwords, etc.)

Dirsync will perform a “Soft Match” of the user ( ) but in some cases this will not work, for example if your cloud ...

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Integrate Lync OnPremise with Hosted Exchange – Part 1: IM and Presence

In the post I will describe the procedure to integrate Office365 Hosted Exchange with Lync installed OnPremise.

The reason to perform such configuration is that some Lync features (i.e. Enterprise Voice) are not available with Lync OnLine.

The final objective is to have Lync IM integrated in the Exchange OWA and use the Unified Messaging features.

As guideline look at:

Prerequisites for this configuration are:

  • Correctly configured Lync Infrastructure with Edge server published on Internet
  • Active Directory Federation
  • Exchange OnLine and some active accounts

In our ...

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Office 365 Hybrid: ERROR:Updating hybrid configuration failed with error Subtask ValidateConfiguration execution failed: Configure Legacy Exchange Support

Sometimes executing the Exchange 2010 SP2 Hybrid Configuration Wizard you may encounter the error:

ERROR:Updating hybrid configuration failed with error ‘Subtask ValidateConfiguration execution failed: Configure Legacy Exchange Support at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Hybrid.Engine.ExecuteTask(TaskBase taskBase, TaskContext taskContext)

There error message is quite “generic” and find out where the problem can be is not so easy.

Sometimes it’s related to an EMC bug  resolved with the Exchange 2010 SP2 rollup 3, but in other cases the problem is related to a public folder issue or ...

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Exchange 365 Hybrid deployment Directory Based Edge Blocking

After deploying successfully the Exchange OnLine in Hybrid mode, where part of our mailbox are on Office 365 and the others on-premise, we have to define the best way to route our inbound mail traffic.

The mail flow can be configured setting the MX records for our domain pointing to:

  1. Office365 (Forefront Online Protection for Exchange): Microsoft will receive all mails and forward to our on-premise installation only the messages for the on-premise users. This means lower traffic on our on-premise exchange ...
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Exchange 2010 SP2 – hybrid Coexistence wizard – Federation Trust creation fails

I was unable to complete the HCW (Hybrid Coexistence Wizard) on our Exchange 2010 SP2  in order to configure a Hybrid Exchange 2010 Deployment.

Federation Services, TXT records on DNS and so on seems to be correct.

The Command (built by the Coexistence Wizard):

Set-FederatedOrganizationIdentifier -DelegationFederationTrust ‘Microsoft Federation Gateway’ -AccountNamespace ‘’ -OrganizationContact ” -Enabled $true

returns this error message:


An error occurred while attempting to provision Exchange to the Partner STS. Detailed Information “An unexpected result was ...

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