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How to direct bound ports to message box


Recently in a project we needed to unbound an orchestration receive port from a physical port.

We had to have a common application with all components ,orchestration included and we needed to create other applications that had all ports for a particular integration environment.In this way we were not limited to use a single receive port with a receive location for different environments.

So we used Message Box direct bound ports that allows for publish-subscribe design pattern.Messages sent on a message box ...

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Updating from BizTalk Server 2010 to BizTalk Server 2013: Receive FTP Adapter Issue

Recently I faced to a strange problem after a migration from BizTalk 2010 to 2013 done successfully by my collegue system engineer.

The issue was related to FTP Adapter during receiving files from a pre-configured receive location.

After reinserting the password, the receive location didn’t pick up the files and no errors or information was logged in the event log, also configuring a wrong password!

I tried to do these actions:

–          Server Restart

–          Created new FTP Receive Location

–          Created new Biztalk Host and ...

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Latency problem during send with BizTalk Server 2009

Last week I faced to a latency problem with a BizTalk Server 2009 installation, fortunately in a test environment, so BizTalk took a long time to complete an entire flow rather than few seconds like before.

In a first analysis I noticed that flows remained a lot of time during a SQL stored procedure execution through SQL Adapter, after a host instance restart the situation seems to be unlocked and all instances completes their work.
So I created a simple application ...

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Managing Soap Header with BizTalk

Managing Soap Header with BizTalk

During the last BizTalk 2009 course that I have made for a customer, I was faced to a problem where he needed to manage soap header consuming a web service in order to make the authentication, to receive a Session Token and then to be able to consume the webservice methods.

Making many searches in internet I discovered many posts and also a Microsoft article in MSDN that explain how to reach my goal.

Following some link: MSDN Article

But for ...

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