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Operations Manager Web Part in SharePoint 2013

Operations Manager 2012 SP1 provides a SharePoint Web Part that enables you to publish your SCOM dashboards on the SharePoint sites’ web pages. There is an official guide at this Technet page, but it refers to SharePoint 2010 only. In this article I’m going to show you how this can be achieved also with SharePoint 2013, using shared credentials too.


First off, we need the following pieces in our environment:

  • A SharePoint 2013 server, with at least one web application (I’m ...
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Two SharePoint 2010 bugs… and the relative solution that may save a day …


I recently run into two SharePoint issues that I would like to share.


the first is about installing SharePoint and after initial setup Central Admin drops a 404 error. This is because probably the IIS used as WFE has the Inetpub directory in a different location that the default (c:\inetpub). In this case, due to a bud, SharePoint creates the CA website with a wrong path.

Let’s say you change the default IIS config to use e:\inetpub, sharepoint create a site using ...

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Active Directory Users creation with SC 2012 Orchestrator and sharepoint

Many customers complain about the fact that Users attributes in AD are not always aligned to the company needs. This is, most of the cases, due to the fact that ADUC have just a very small set of mandatory fields to create a user nor there is any control about naming policy bindings. Let’s take the example of the Manager or phone fields used by Lync or Sharepoint workflows… if you do not have such fields filled the overall process ...

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Orchestrator 2012 Quick Setup & Configuration

Installing Orchestrator is a very simple activity, you may choose to install all components on the same server or split them into different one, the choose most depend on how many runbook you expect to load in your organization.

Time to setup… so : Let’s go through the setup phases:



1st of all, click INSTALL, different ...

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