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Monotouch – Repository Pattern – Proxy Pattern – IoC

I’m a .NET technician. I have been developing .NET solutions (web apps) since more than 10 years. I’m a mobile developer too… now… IOS developer. I develop IOS solution using .NET (Mono) framework, thanks to Monotouch and many thanks to Xamarin Studio.

What I was looking for was a way to join my past experiences with my new needs.

One of the most important needs that my customers ask to me is to allow application running without an internet connection even if ...

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One Month To Rule Them All Challenge

One Month To Rule Them All Challenge

Let’s try this new adventure: One Month To Rule Them All Challenge.

The goal is to create from scratch a simple app based on:

  • Server:
  • 1 MVC4 RESTful WebApi on Azure
  • Clients:
    • 1 iOS native client
    • 1 Android native client
    • 1 WP7 native client
    • MVC 4 Web interface running on any desktop OS
    • Win8 Metro client

    All in 1 month! We don’t know if we’ll reach the goal but for sure we’ll try.

    First step will be creation of the WebApi and graphics for clients we don’t exclude involvement of external ...

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