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Create an e-mail attachment by retrieving from the network

During an implementation of an existing project I have had to add a feature to send an e-mail with attachment that has to be a report of reporting services.

The chosen format is pdf so you need to get the parameters to be passed via url querystring to export the report in pdf format.

I have chosen to download the pdf file, and then I have attached them to the email on the fly without saving it to db or ...

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Impersonation Issues– 401 Error (MVC and Web API 4.5)

Developing my last web application I found many issues… blocking issues!

The architecture seemed easy to implement and to manage: Web Application (MVC 4.5) as Front end; Web Api MVC 4.5 for Data Access [Same IIS Site, but different Virtual Directories].
Authentication mode: windows
(be carefull that the order in provider is correct. If NTLM, it must be the first choice)
Impersonation: enabled

Users must log in to the application using their Active Directory accounts. Logon username is used to managed\deny\allow accesses and ...

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