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Monotouch – Repository Pattern – Proxy Pattern – IoC

I’m a .NET technician. I have been developing .NET solutions (web apps) since more than 10 years. I’m a mobile developer too… now… IOS developer. I develop IOS solution using .NET (Mono) framework, thanks to Monotouch and many thanks to Xamarin Studio.

What I was looking for was a way to join my past experiences with my new needs.

One of the most important needs that my customers ask to me is to allow application running without an internet connection even if ...

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AngularJs – Call a js function after repeat ends its loop

How often you have to call a javascript function after the page load complete?
JQuery gives a solution that easily allow the user to manage this need and execute some block of code after all items of the page has been loaded.

A script like this, will be executed after the page is loaded:

$(document).ready(function() { ... });


… but what about calling a javascript function, using angularJs looking for a specific element of the page rendered by an ngRepeat loop?
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Impersonation Issues– 401 Error (MVC and Web API 4.5)

Developing my last web application I found many issues… blocking issues!

The architecture seemed easy to implement and to manage: Web Application (MVC 4.5) as Front end; Web Api MVC 4.5 for Data Access [Same IIS Site, but different Virtual Directories].
Authentication mode: windows
(be carefull that the order in provider is correct. If NTLM, it must be the first choice)
Impersonation: enabled

Users must log in to the application using their Active Directory accounts. Logon username is used to managed\deny\allow accesses and ...

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